Ramona Singer Is Out Of Her League As She Drunkenly Accuses RHONY Frenemy Bethenny Frankel Of Sleeping Her Way To The Top!

bethenny ramona fight rhony

Ramona Singer is pretty ballsy to take on Bethenny Frankel.

During Wednesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York, the Bravo frenemies went head to head in a pretty heated fight. However, it was Miz Singer who stood out in this particular argument as she drunkenly hurled insults the 46-year-old’s way.

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Not only did the Ramona Pinot Grigio owner criticize Frankel’s Skinnygirl empire, but she also accused the Bravolebrity of sleeping her way to the top. WHAT??

As one point during the exchange, the RHONY vet snapped:

“You’re an opportunist. You use people. I accept people for who they are. You are broken. You are so fucking broken you don’t even see it. And I feel sorry for you. I love people and I actually do care for you. But you just sat down to attack me, and I’ll attack you back… The truth came out that you’re a bitch. You’re a bitch. You’re the Bethenny bitchy witch, that’s who you are.”

Damn, Ramona. Geez.

“I made my own money. You didn’t have any money until you fucked You would date every guy for their fucking money…You pretend like you’re this successful woman? Who gives a shit [how many cases I sold this year]? How many cases did you sell? Your brand is done. I had Pinot Grigio before you did, and I sold 10,000 cases before you did. That’s pretty awesome… You went to private school. You had your own great car. You went to college. You had everything paid for your whole life. I am fucking self-made, Bethenny, unlike you.”

Unsurprisingly, this tirade from Singer forced Frankel to announce that they “will never speak again.” Oh, and to further her point, the businesswoman added that they’ll “never be on the same sidewalk ever again.” You tell her, girl!

So what EXACTLY caused this fight?? Well, it appears as though Bethenny has been keeping track of all the shady shit Ramona’s been doing over the years, and ruled that Singer is NOT a good friend. This set off a drunken Ramona, and, well the rest is history.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out their whole blow up for yourself (below).

After offering up some seriously harsh word vomit, the 60-year-old realized she was out of her league fighting with B and chose to apologize once she sobered up. *Sigh* Classic Ramona!

[Image via Bravo.]

Jun 8, 2017 9:24am PDT

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