Donald Trump FINALLY Returns To Twitter To Address James Comey’s Highly Talked About Testimony!

donald trump tweets after comey hearing

We knew Donald Trump couldn’t stay away from Twitter for long!

As we previously reported, the President was shockingly silent online as former FBI director James Comey gave his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Although Donald Trump Jr. attempted to defend his father on social media and POTUS’s lawyer tried to spin the hearing in the Commander-In-Chief’s favor, Donnie decided to address the headline-making testimony for himself in the early hours on Friday.

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After staying mum on Twitter for over 24 hours, the Celebrity Apprentice star snapped to his 32 million followers:

Smh. Still we can’t say we’re surprised that Donald’s has put Comey on blast. We mean, has this man ever taken responsibility for ANYTHING in his life??

As you surely know, during his hearings Comey accused the reality TV star-turned-politician of firing him over the Russian probe. The legal expert went on to reveal that he leaked his personal memos with the Prez to the press in the hopes it would cause the appointment of a special counsel to look into the Trump campaign’s alleged relationship with Russia.

Of course, Donald’s latest tweet has caused a reaction online as MANY people have already weighed in on the situation (below).

Snap! Snap!

What do YOU think? Has Trump been vindicated as he claims??

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Jun 9, 2017 8:55am PDT

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