Jennifer Lawrence Unharmed After Double Engine Failure Leads To Emergency Landing Of Private Plane

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So thankful for talented pilots who saved the day on this one!

According to media reports out overnight, Jennifer Lawrence was on a private plane flying out of Louisville, Kentucky — her hometown — when double engine failure led to a dramatic emergency landing.

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In the middle of the flight, one engine of the private plane reportedly failed at cruising altitude, requiring the pilots to think quickly and request an emergency landing at the nearest airport, in Buffalo, New York.

Then, during that emergency landing as the plane was guiding itself towards the runway, the second engine failed, too.


Thankfully, the pilots were able to land the plane anyways, and everyone — Lawrence included — walked away from the event unharmed.

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No doubt such a terrifying moment up in the sky…

But again, it sounds like talented and quick-thinking pilot were able to wrestle control of the situation and avoid a catastrophe.


[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

Jun 11, 2017 12:49pm PDT

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