Corrupt Donald Trump Is Literally Getting Sued By Washington D.C.

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Donald Trump‘s corrupt bullshit is finally coming back to bite him in the saggy ass!

The President received yet another lawsuit on Monday, claiming he has violated constitutional anti-corruption clauses by accepting millions from foreign governments since being sworn into office.

But the real kicker? The lawsuits were filed by the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland!

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The lawsuit focuses on Trump choosing to retain ownership of his company when he became president, by moving his business assets into a trust managed by his two sons — which he claimed, for some reason, eliminated potential conflicts of interests.

Well, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh see it differently, and say the fact that Trump has maintained ownership of the business empire shows a complete disregard for the U.S. political system.

The lawsuit states:

“Fundamental to a President’s fidelity to [faithfully execute his oath of office] is the Constitution’s demand that the President … disentangle his private finances from those of domestic and foreign powers. Never before has a President acted with such disregard for this constitutional prescription.”

The sad thing is — this doesn’t even sound like shocking news, but instead just more noise in the festival of corruption we’ve been forced to listen to since November.

But there is a bright side. Frosh said to fully know the extent of Trump’s constitutional violations, “we’ll need to see his financial records, his taxes that he has refused to release.”

That means if a federal judge allows the trial to proceed, the first step will be to demand Trump’s elusive tax returns to see about his foreign business dealings.

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But the suit also alleges foul play stateside, claiming Trump has received unconstitutional financial favors from the U.S. government!

It claims that Trump is violating domestic emoluments by making states feel the need to compete for his favor, by offering zoning exemptions, waivers or other incentives to help his business.

After originally stating the Trump organization would not pursue new deals while he was President, Trump’s sons recently announced the company would start building a network of new hotels in mostly red states he won in the election.

The suit says D.C. and Maryland can either ignore this special treatment like everyone else, or “deny such requests and be placed at a disadvantage vis-├â┬á-vis states and other government entities that have granted or will agree to such concessions.”

Turning the other cheek may run the risk of putting a large percentage of federal workers out of work. But that’s just the risk you take when trying to hold accountable a president who acts in his own self interest.

Jun 12, 2017 5:04pm PST

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