Bachelor In Paradise‘s Dominique Alexis Defends Producers Following The ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Scandal!

dominique alexis sides with production

Speaking out.

While plenty of the cast members from Bachelor In Paradise season 4 have addressed the alleged “sexual misconduct” controversy online, Dominique Alexis is the first contestant to officially speak to the press about the show’s suspension. Look away, Chris Harrison!

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In case you haven’t been following the scandal, BIP‘s production has been halted as Warner Brothers investigates a sexual encounter between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson — an encounter where the blonde reality TV starlet may’ve been too intoxicated to give consent. Although Miz Olympios has lawyered up and is looking to go after producers for not intervening, it appears as though Dominique is siding with the ABC dating competition.

On whether or not producers step in to wrangle inebriated contestants, Miz Alexis explained to The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro:

“If you get too inebriated, I think even before producers step in, like, we’re all there, so we kinda help each other out. We’re like, ‘hey girl, like, have some water. Relax.’ Like, if you get too drunk, like, ‘you don’t want your parents to see this, like, let’s take it back a –.’ Like, we have each other’s backs. I know you might not see that on, from the final edit, but we definitely have each other’s backs and are very cognizant of the fact that if one of us gets too inebriated, we could say or do something we may later regret. So I think a lot of us help each other out. We have that girl code.”

Hmm, very inneresting. Still, Nick Viall‘s castoff refused to speak poorly of the BIP staffers as she continued:

“I don’t think there’s anybody that I would question whether or not they would have our backs or not. Absolutely not. The producers are very much, um, inv— you know, like, involved. They look out for us as much as possible. Like, you know, they are responsible for us at the end of the day. You know, we are in their, under their supervision I guess, so to speak. So, I think everybody is looking out for everybody, um, at the end of the day.”

Well, clearly, not “everybody” is taking care of everybody or the reality show wouldn’t have been put on suspension. Nonetheless, Dominique wouldn’t definitively say whether or not these allegations are true. The Bachelor alum noted:

“Um├óΓé¼┬ª I don’t think that they are true or not true. Because I literally wasn’t there, I didn’t see anything happen, at all. I think a lot of it is up to personal interpretation. Whoever is making these allegations, I guess interpreted it one way, the parties may interpretive it another way, and I think that that is what is really being, um├óΓé¼┬ªdisputed. So, I literally don’t know what’s true and what’s not true.”

Dominique, you could be a choreographer with all that dancing around you just did. Regardless, the 25-year-old is vehement that she was NEVER pressured into doing anything on camera. Dominique dished:

“…there is obviously potential for hookups and things of that nature and I don’t think it’s ever really gotten as far as people may assume it has. I know people think that’s the nature of the show but from our perspective and our experience we’ve never been encouraged to do anything that we were not comfortable with. I know that’s a rumor but that’s not true. We are all you know adults, we’re all over the age of 21, whatever we decide to do, you know what I mean like, if we decide to drink, if we decide to hook up that’s completely within our power. I’ve never ever been encouraged to do anything I never wanted to do, you are at liberty to walk away and say no from whatever you want, so I think in this scenario it’s very interesting you know to see that this may be called into question but as a castmate I’ve never feared you know being put in a scenario where I would be taken advantage of. There’s hundreds of crew and producers and people around which is why you know I think this became something because people did see her and didn’t see you know, so I’ve always felt very safe because I feel like there’s plenty of people around to stop something should anything ever go too far.”

Careful, girl. You don’t want to sound like you’re victim blaming. Obviously, this reality TV vet is working overtime to try and save her show as she straight up said she doesn’t think the program should be canceled — and says she’d even return to film another season. You listening, Harrison??

In addition to defending BIP, Dominique made sure to offer some words of support to Corinne as she relayed:

“I do feel bad for her [Corinne] because whether these allegations are true or not, I don’t think any of us can really assume anything. But I feel bad. Because it’s one thing to have allegations out there it’s another thing all together to have your name attached to it…I hope it gets resolved and I hope that the allegations aren’t true. And I hope that everyone is physically and psychologically ok.”

We’re sure the former Bachelor villain appreciates your “support,” Dominique…

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Jun 13, 2017 10:22am PDT

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