Katy Perry Changes Lyric In Swish Swish To Seemingly Mark The End Of Her Feud With Taylor Swift! Watch!

katy perry changes swish swish line

Sticking to her guns.

As we previously reported, Katy Perry confirmed to both the Today show and Arianna Huffington that she’s officially putting her feud with Taylor Swift to bed. In fact, in order to prove her point, the pop sensation changed the lyrics to her song Swish Swish — which has been viewed as a response track to Tay Tay’s diss song, Bad Blood.

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Although the A-lister previously denied that the hit is about Miz Swift, this point will be hard to deny these days after making one notable change. During the 32-year-old’s concert presented by YouTube in downtown El Lay, the superstar replaced the line, “Don’t you come for me” with “God bless you on your journey, oh baby girl.” We see what you did there, Katy!

You can hear Katy sing the new lyric for yourself (below).

This edit is almost IDENTICAL to what Katy told Natalie Morales on the NBC morning show. Specifically, Perry told the journalist:

All I need to say to her is I love her and God bless her on her journey.”

Well, well! Sadly, the Chained To The Rhythm artist’s show wasn’t drama free as she ripped a hole in the crotch of her silver sequined jumpsuit. Oof.

Nonetheless, the hitmaker performed through the costume snafu. She told the crowd:

“That’s cool… I just learned I have a hole in my pants. It’s right near my hooha… but I’m wearing underwear, don’t you worry. So, I just want everyone who’s watching to brace themselves. And I probably shouldn’t have said anything but I just know the Internet sees everything so I just wanna.. I just, I can’t.”

HIGHlarious! And while the audience cheered her on, Katy couldn’t shake off the embarrassing situation as she added:

“I was trying to be cool and I did that dance and now I realize I was not cool, especially when it comes out in pictures. Well, we’re all human right? We all either got one or we don’t or we got both. I won’t let it take my power, how about that? Let’s do that. Just don’t look over here…”

Everything about this concert was just… awkward. Sorry, girl!

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Jun 13, 2017 11:02am PDT

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