Bachelorette Fan Favorite EXPOSED For Being Fame Hungry — While ‘Whaboom’ Guy Openly Admits He Was On The Show For Self-Promotion!

peter kraus exposed as fame hungry

This doesn’t bode well for Rachel Lindsay.

It appears as though producers have cast a bunch of fame-whores to be the Bachelorette‘s suitors this season. Oh no.

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Thanks to some sleuthing on TMZ‘s part, it’s been revealed that fan favorite Peter Kraus has wanted to be a part of Bachelor nation for a while. No, really. The business owner’s Edgewood High yearbook from 2005 has recently been uncovered and the “future plans” he listed back in the day are inneresting, to say the least.

Specifically, an earring-wearing Peter listed the following as his goals for the future:

“Go to art school, become famous in one way or another, be on The Bachelor, live happily.”

This makes us question Peter’s intentions now — which sucks since many fans think he’s the one who nabs Miz Lindsay’s heart and final rose at the end. To make matters worse, season 13 castoff Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey has finally admitted that he was on the ABC dating competition in order to promote his catchphrase and career.

The (arguably most annoying) contestant dished his true motives for going on the reality TV program during an appearance on The Domenick Nati Show. While comparing his genuine interest in the show to his desire to promote his catchphrase, Lucas explained the split was about “50-50.”

He added:

“Some people take it way too seriously. I wasn’t there to get the next rose. That’s obviously part of it, but it’s mostly about being on the show.”

Unfortunately, the phrase “whaboom” isn’t going anywhere as Yancey has trademarked the line for the next three years and has just finished a song featuring the word — which he claims “will be a huge summer hit.” Doubt it.

Now, before you judge Lucas, he wants you to know he isn’t the only suitor who joined the show for selfish reasons. The overnight star noted that most of the guys were spewing “B.S.” in order to stay on the ABC hit. Yancey quipped:

“In reality, what person after meeting them after five minutes says, ‘I’m in love’?”

Fair enough. Mainly, Lucas still has a problem with his on-camera nemesis Blake Elarbee. In case you forgot, Lucas and Blake met long before their stint on the Bachelorette as they also appeared on the reality show Ex Isle together. In regards to his former housemate, he shared:

“We’ve hung out like three times. I think he has a little bit of an imbalance. I think he should seek help.”

Ouch. As for the guys he approves of, Lucas described the allegedly racist Lee Garrett as a “solid dude” and says Josiah Graham and Rachel have the best chemistry. Huh.

Be sure to take a listen to the Whaboom guy’s full interview for yourself (below) — if you can stand it.

[Image via ABC.]

Jun 13, 2017 12:24pm PDT

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