Bachelor In Paradise Eyewitness Claims Corinne Olympios Was ‘The Aggressor’ — And That She Hooked Up With 3 Other Contestants That Night!

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By now you’ve surely heard about this Bachelor In Paradise scandal.

Contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios had a poolside hookup. Alcohol was involved. Later, Corinne says she doesn’t even remember it — because she was way too drunk to give consent.

There have even been claims that Corinne’s body was limp and slipping below the water!

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Cameras were rolling, so we have no doubt the truth of what happened that day will come out soon. But in the meantime all we have are eyewitness accounts.

A friend of DeMario’s who was supposedly there to see the actual event told a very different story than we’ve heard so far to

According to DeMario’s friend, Corinne was “the aggressor” the entire time. Read his account (below):

[Warning: This gets graphic fast!]

“It all started at the bar where DeMario was hanging out. Corinne went up to him, they started talking and then she hopped into his arms and started making out with him. She then grabbed his hand and said let’s go to the pool.”

The friend says the pair were hardcore making out, even fingering, in front of everyone. Then Corinne told DeMario to take off his shorts, and he did — but he was too drunk to get an erection.

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According to this version, DeMario didn’t have to pull Corinne out of the pool, she got out on her own — and the oral sex was her idea:

“Corinne came right above him and puts her pussy right in his face and he starts going down on her. There’s a cameraman right there. Nobody is saying anything. It was like a porn scene.”

That’s when, the friend says, a producer DID step in and say cut, telling DeMario to put his clothes on. He adds:

“This whole thing about Corinne being limp and sliding underwater is bullshit. She was not blackout drunk.”

How does he know? He says another contestant walked by and Corinne said hi to him. Hmm. That really doesn’t prove she wasn’t blacked out…

But the source says everyone continued hanging out and drinking and having a good time for hours afterward. He says Corinne went on to hook up with THREE OTHER CONTESTANTS!

“From that point she fooled around with three different guys. Derek [Peth], Nick [Benvenuth] and Alex [Woytkiw]. They all happen to be white. DeMario is black. I’m just saying.”

Wow. This is the first we’ve heard of this at all. Without some corroboration, this is a truly outrageous claim; either Corinne knew what she was doing all along or these other guys also hooked up with a very drunk woman.

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According to the friend, it wasn’t until the next day that DeMario was informed by producers that a third party said she was offended and threatening to sue. He says:

“Funny thing is the girl is Corinne’s best friend. Her best friend came up to her and basically told her that showing off her pussy in public and letting DeMario go down on her in public was going to make her look bad and that fooling around with so many other guys was going to hurt her image for the new show.”

New show?

Yep, according to this source, Corinne was led to believe she was going to get her own spinoff after BIP.

“Now she’s like ‘I don’t remember anything, I was drunk’ … but guess what, there’s all that video filming that shows what really went down. She was the aggressor from the beginning and everyone will vouch for this.”

Again, we’ll have to wait until the content of the tapes is revealed to know any more, but so far we have NOT heard everyone vouching for this story.

Oh, BTW — this friend may be keeping his own name out of the press, but he’s naming names. He says:

“The name of the girl is Shelby Adams, she is a producer on the show and apparently one of Corinne’s best friends.”

Oof. We imagine Ms. Adams will have a strong response to these claims soon enough.

What do YOU think of this inflammatory new angle on the BIP scandal??

[Image via ABC.]

Jun 14, 2017 2:00pm PDT

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