Now Donald Trump Is Accusing Hillary Clinton Of Russian ‘Dealings’ & Obstruction Of Justice!

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Wow. Donald Trump should be the subject of a nature documentary.

“When backed into a corner, the adult male narcissist will lash out, often on Twitter, with wild accusations that draw the predator’s attention away from his own investigation.”

OK, yes, it sounds cray. But imagine it with narration by Morgan Freeman

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The POTUS’ latest tactic to defend against the investigation into his obstruction of justice and possible financial crimes? Blame it all on Hillary Clinton, obvi.

He tweeted on Thursday:

We hate to say it, but this isn’t like when he accused President Barack Obama of wire tapping him.

Sure, it’s just as inflammatory as he clearly has no evidence to back up what he’s saying — it’s obvi just some bullshit he read off a right wing conspiracy site — but this is different because what he’s doing is trying to create an equivalency.

And that won’t work anymore.

Even if we believed for a second that Hillary did any of this stuff, SHE DIDN’T WIN! You’re wondering why there isn’t a special counsel whose job it is to investigate Hillary Clinton? BECAUSE SHE ISN’T THE PRESIDENT!!

The election is over, Donny. You can’t beat this rap by making your opponent look bad.

[Image via NBC.]

Jun 15, 2017 7:50pm PDT

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