Chris Brown Officially Has To Stay The Fuck Away From Karrueche Tran — For The Next FIVE Years!

karrueche tran wins restraining order case

Good news for Karrueche Tran!

On Thursday, the Claws actress took the stand to testify in her restraining order case against ex Chris Brown — and she has now walked away the victor. As we previously reported, the model initially lost out on a permanent restraining order against the Loyal singer as she failed to appear in person at the courthouse for her originally scheduled testimony hearing.

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Miz Tran needed to learn that lesson only once as she was definitely in court today (June 15) and spilled all about the harassment C. Breezy has put her through. In case you forgot, Karrueche claims that after she split from the hitmaker, Brown began demanding she return presents and money he had given her over the course of their relationship. When the 29-year-old refused, the No Air artist became aggressive with her.

According to Karrueche’s testimony, Chris specifically wanted diamond rings he had purchased for her returned. Upon her refusal, Rihanna‘s controversial ex texted:

“I’m not being nice to you no more, if I see you out in public again and I’m there I will make you hate me even more, don’t be anywhere I’m out in public, I’m going to ban you from all events.”

The messages intensified as time went on as she shared the following messages:

“I can get my money back and I’m tired of playing games… Bitch I will beat the shit out of you…I promise you I will make your life hell.”

To make matters worse, Chris once wrote “Imma kill blood” under a photo of the dark haired stunner and actor Michael B. Jordan. The It-girl also claims the 28-year-old beat her in the past. How does this man still have fans?

Despite Brown’s lawyer’s attempt to prove that Tran taunted his client about the rings, the judge sided with the starlet and ordered the restraining order to be extended for the next five years! Oh snap.

We wonder how Chris reacted when he learned this news. Remember, the A-lister wasn’t in court today and the judge refused to let him join in on the hearing via the phone. We’re sure he’s pissed… Welp, sucks to suck!

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Jun 15, 2017 4:24pm PDT

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