Second Bachelor In Paradise Producer Files Complaint Over Alleged ‘Misconduct’ — But One Of Corinne’s Costars Claims She Was ‘Very With It’

second producer files complaint about corinne and demario's drunken hookup

Bachelor In Paradise is in some seriously hot water.

According to reports from Wednesday, a second producer has come forward to file a complaint about the alleged sexual “misconduct” which took place between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Yikes!

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Although there are conflicting reports on the matter, it’s believed that Nick Viall‘s ex may’ve been too intoxicated to give consent to a poolside hookup — and BIP staffers allegedly did nothing about it. This incident made one producer uncomfortable enough to file a grievance on the situation, an action which has left the Bachelor spin-off indefinitely suspended.

Since Warner Brothers has already kicked off their investigation, we’re sure they’re grateful that a second staffer has come forward. However, per Reality Steve, it’s said neither of the complaining producers witnessed the incident as it happened — nor did they see footage of the encounter. Supposedly, the twosome filed their complaints after hearing about the situation from a second or third party.

The outlet added:

“…all parties involved are wishing they could take it back. They never thought it would reach a level that it did.”

Huh. Sadly, this drama has turned into a he said/she said scenario with Miz Olympios’ peers even turning on her. In the wake of this scandal, the blonde businesswoman has since lawyered up and is seeking justice for what happened to her. However, the 24-year-old is likely to face some obstacles on her legal journey as some of her BIP costars are siding with production.

According to TMZ, one female castmate claims she walked by Corinne and DeMario as they were hooking up and says the TV personality was topless and VVV aware of her surroundings. Apparently, Olympios was “very with it,” as she even called out the woman’s name as she straddled Jackson.

This unnamed cast member also says that she would’ve intervene if she thought Corinne was too drunk. Hmmm, sounds like someone is trying to cover their ass. Nonetheless, the BIP participant says a camera was following her when she passed by the twosome… so there should be footage of the encounter.

Obviously, Corinne’s lawyer is clapping back at this testimony as he noted:

“If nothing inappropriate happened, why did production get shut down? Something serious clearly happened.”

Fair point. Regardless, Olympios’ costar accuses the TV villain of remembering her hookup with DeMario as they spoke about it the next day. Reportedly, the Bachelor season 21 standout was worried her boyfriend back home would see the footage… but NEVER mentioned that the encounter was non-consensual.

Hopefully, we get more clarity into the controversy as the day goes on.

Jun 15, 2017 9:16am PDT

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