Donald Trump’s Cuba Policy Rollback Means The Kardashians Won’t Be Heading To Havana Again Anytime Soon!

donald trump cuban policy

Donald Trump is really just chipping away at Barack Obama‘s presidential legacy.

On Friday, POTUS dragged his predecessor over his dealings with Cuba while giving a speech in Miami, FL. Although the Trumpster isn’t going to completely overturn everything Obama did to warm the U.S.’s relations with the communist-lead island nation, he does plan to clamp down on Americans’ travel and business ventures down there.

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Looks like the KarJenners won’t be filming KUWTK in Cuba anytime soon! Oh, and we doubt the next Fast movie will take place in the Caribbean country. *Sigh*

While addressing the crowd down in Florida, the Commander-In-Chief vowed:

Huh. We wonder what Donnie’s close pal Vladimir Putin has to stay about Trump’s harsh words about Russia’s former Cold War ally. The Celebrity Apprentice star continued:

Despite painting the Obama administration as a group who looked the other way as the Castro regime violated human rights, Trump’s “new” policy isn’t actually that different from 44’s stance on American-Cuban relations. On what his policy plans to do, the president explained:

This policy may be a smidge stricter, but Donald isn’t closing the newly minted embassies in Washington D.C. or Havana — nor is he placing restrictions on the types of goods Americans can take out of Cuba. One Cuban-American lawmaker even told CNN:

“The policy isn’t going to do anything new. It’s pretty weak.”

Not to mention, these new regulations won’t take effect for another few months… so if you have the chance to travel to Cuba, take it sooner than later!

What do YOU think of Trump’s Cuba policy??

[Image via CNN.]

Jun 16, 2017 3:25pm PDT

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