Luis Fonsi Wants You To Leave Justin Bieber Alone Over The Despacito Lyrics!

No hard feelings!

Stop throwing water bottles at Justin Bieber!!

That’s seemingly the message Luis Fonsi is sending as the singer behind the hit track Despacito also featuring Daddy Yankee!

After the Canadian was once again slammed (and nearly assaulted) for not knowing the lyrics to his remix of the single, the Puerto Rican singer came to his defense.

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In an interview with ABC News Radio, Luis has only empathy for the pop star when it comes to learning the word:

“I mean, obviously I would love for him to…learn it. I don’t blame him not knowing [the lyrics], and I think we have to give him a little bit of a pass because that’s not his main language. We can’t expect the guy to just out of the blue get it perfectly. I mean, it’s obvious when he was recording the song he had the lyrics in front of him.”

In fact, the 39-year-old gives Justin credit:

“He had a chance to record the chorus in English, we had a full English lyric, and he decided to take the time to record it in Spanish because he wanted to keep the originality of the song. So I actually applaud the fact that he took the time in the recording studio to do it, and he did a great job.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean Luis wouldn’t love to perform Despacito with the Biebs on stage, but there’s absolutely no rush:

“He’s on tour, he’s concentrating on his music, I don’t think we have to be so strict.”

Hopefully the 23-year-old isn’t too traumatized to perform it after getting a sense of some of the passionate reactions fans have to his relationship with the song.

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Jun 16, 2017 1:50pm PDT

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