No, Mark Hamill Is NOT Dead — And He Laughs In The Face Of Death Hoaxes!!!

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Mark Hamill is quite the joker — especially when it comes to fake news about his death!

For some reason, the Star Wars actor frequently has to defend the fact that he is actually still alive, as false reports of his death tend to permeate the Twitter-sphere every now and then.

Now a Jedi at deflecting these death hoaxes, the actor has developed a pretty dark sense of humor on the subject of his own mortality — which he got to joke about on Friday following yet another fake report about his passing.

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“HuffPoGlobalPol,” an account made to resemble the Huffington Post, posted a breaking news tweet claiming the “actor who played Luke Skywalker dies at 65.”

Hours later, the 65-year-old mocked the fake report with a hilarious response, writing:


Since the account got suspended, the actor took the liberty of sharing the original headline as to not mess with his punchline:

LOL, yup — he’s alive and more than well!

Hamill was the recipient of a similar hoax just a few months ago, which was also met with that Skywalker sass:

We love it!

Can these stop now plz?

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Jun 16, 2017 6:01pm PDT

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