Carla Bruni Calls B.S. On Donald Trump’s Claim They Had An Affair — And Throws Shade At Melania’s Nudes Too!

carla bruni shades donald trump

Carla Bruni wants the world to know that she NEVER had an affair with Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, the former First Lady of France chatted with The Daily Beast where she once again addressed those romance rumors involving POTUS. In case you forgot, back in 1991 the Italian-French singer made headlines for allegedly playing the homewrecker for Trump’s second marriage to Marla Maples.

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The gossip was seemingly confirmed when the businessman dished about the fake relationship while posing as his own (made up) PR rep, John Miller. Seriously. This happened. The Commander-In-Chief is a whack job.

Anywho, despite having already denied the romance, Miz Bruni once again swatted away the chatter as she spilled:

“Actually, the whole situation was very vague and just did not exist. So I was very surprised when he went to the press.”

This just further proves our POTUS is a pathological liar. Ugh.

To give Trump some credit, he DID later admit his fake “Miller” character, though he claimed it was a bad joke gone awry as he told reporters in the ’90s:

“What I did became a good time at Marla’s expense, and I’m very sorry.”

Smh. Does he really think that excuses starting rumors about affairs with women?

On the 71-year-old’s tendency to pose as his own spokesman, Carla noted:

“Ah, I heard about that! There’s not much I can say. What I can say is that I think democracy is better than dictatorships, and democracy is about elections. So├óΓé¼┬ª we respect democracy.”

Does this sound like a bad Miss Universe answer to anyone else?? Regardless, the former model isn’t happy that her fake association with Trump is one of the top Google results under her name. She sternly clapped back:

“That’s because it was a lie. Maybe it’s American Google, because if it’s French Google, other things come up ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ mostly my man, my work, my younger pictures. But I’m glad there’s not much about my children. I’ve been able to protect them.”

Carla has been married to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy since 2008. The couple have one child together, a daughter named Giulia. The songwriter also has a teenage son, Aurélien, with French philosopher Raphaël Enthoven.

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Although Bruni understands the hardships that come along with being a part of a nation’s first family, it seems as though she has little sympathy for the Trumps. When asked about the similarities between her nude photo scandal from 2008 and Melania Trump‘s from last July, the 49-year-old defended that the circumstances aren’t exactly the same.

Carla added:

“It was very different because I had quite a bit of fame from my modeling and my first album…I’m from France and Italy, so to me, making artistic naked pictures wasn’t a problem. I was not ashamed at all. And the picture was from when I was 20 years old, before I had children, so I thought, ├óΓé¼╦£Well, I look good.'”

But wait, the industry vet had one last dig for Mrs. Trump as she quipped:

“They were more artistic nudes made by great photographers.”

Snap! Snap!

We’re sure Trump will have something to say about this shade on Twitter

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Jun 19, 2017 2:04pm PDT

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