OG Bachelorette Star Trista Sutter Opens Up About Her Terrifying Seizure On Top Of Her Daughter

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What a scary situation.

Former Bachelorette Trista Sutter gave her family quite a shock when she seemingly out of nowhere suffered from a seizure while on vacation in Croatia. This incident not only left Miz Sutter shaken up, but her daughter Blakesley too as the reality TV vet fell on top of the eight-year-old during the health scare.

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After both Trista and her husband Ryan addressed the incident on social media, the couple sat down with Good Morning America on Tuesday to give even more insight into their upsetting experience. On what she can recall from her episode, the OG Bachelorette shared:

“All I remember was feeling very dizzy and nauseous, and the next thing I knew, I was in this dream. The only way I can describe it is was like a white euphoria.”

While the Dancing With The Stars alum can’t definitively say whether or not she survived a “near death experience,” she knows it’s a memory she won’t soon forget. Intense stuff.

As for what Ryan remembers:

“I heard Blakesley screaming, ‘Mommy, Mommy.’ Trista had fallen onto Blakesley in a sort of convulsive state.”

As Mr. Sutter is a firefighter he has extensive EMT training, but he was still shocked to see his wife in such an alarming state. He continued:

“I was checking her pulse. She was shaking and stiff. Her eyes were wide open, rolled back in her head, looking sort of up. She wasn’t breathing. She was turning sort of blue.”

How awful. As for Blakesley, Trista noted:

“She was traumatized, I think she probably still is a bit. She knows that something is wrong.”

TBH, we would be too if we witnessed that scene. To make matters worse, the doctors in Croatia were unable to figure out what brought on Trista’s seizure. She has since been advised to stop driving until she can see a specialist. On how this situation has affected her life, Trista explained:

“It’s changing my life, still is, to this day. I mean I got up this morning — and I thought, ‘I need to go to the grocery store’ — and then I’m like, ‘Oh I can’t drive.’ Because God forbid, I have another seizure or event in the car. And I could kill someone, I could kill myself. I could kill my kids. I have to have a new perspective in order to keep me and my family and everyone around me safe.

In this type of situation, you usually ask, ‘Why me?’ But then I thought right immediately after, ‘But why not me? I’m human. This can happen to me … this could happen to anybody.’ Life is fragile. It’s precious,” she continued. “And you need to take time and enjoy it and the people around you.”

So scary! But hey, thank goodness she’s alive! Be sure to check out Trista and Ryan’s sit-down with GMA for yourself (below).

[Image via Good Morning America/ABC.]

Jun 20, 2017 2:05pm PDT

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