Donald Trump Strategist Steve Bannon Says The White House Press Briefings Are Being Hidden From The Public Because Sean Spicer Is Too Fat

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You remember at the beginning of Donald Trump‘s reign, how we used to see White House Press Briefings all the time?

It seemed like at least four days a week Sean Spicer would get up there and belligerently lash out at the press corps, facts, and logic itself in an attempt to defend his master’s words and actions.

But not so much anymore.

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The Atlantic noticed the decline as well, pointing out that Press Briefings had gradually gotten shorter and more sporadic and were often held totally off-camera.

A reasonable person would assume this is about that disapproval rating. After all when you’re doing things that hurt the majority of Americans, best to do it in the shadows. Not to mention it’s basically impossible to spin the shit Trump tweets.

The Atlantic reached out to Spicer and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to no response, but one Trump team member did give an answer as to what’s going on. Chief strategist Steve Bannon explained the briefings were being hidden from the public because:

“Sean got fatter.”

Holy shit, seriously?

Is he implying that Sean is the one with the vanity issue? If so, how can he shed all that dignity all the time defending Trump? And if Trump really didn’t like how Spicer looked, he’d just hire that woman from The Five.

No, this is just more bullshit. And moreover it’s mean bullshit.

At this point we expect lies from this administration. But the fact Bannon of all people is going to use the opportunity to do some body shaming? Gross.

This isn’t White House strategy. It’s Mean Girls strategy.

The truth is the reason it’s gradually disappearing because they couldn’t get rid of it all at once. When Trump has floated the idea, it’s always been met with a resounding cry of dissent from those who don’t want to be ruled from behind closed doors, who think Americans should be able to question their leaders. They thought we wouldn’t notice if they did it this way.

But we did notice. And you aren’t going to distract us with fat jokes.

[Image via Fox News/Instagram.]

Jun 20, 2017 1:35pm PDT

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