Bachelor In Paradise Star Amanda Stanton Is ‘A Little’ Hesitant To Return After Sex Scandal — But Pal Corinne Olympios Is ‘Doing OK’!

amanda stanton says corinne olympios is doing ok

Hopefully third time’s the charm for Amanda Stanton.

The mother-of-two’s second stint on Bachelor In Paradise was cut short after production was halted due to an allegation of sexual misconduct. However, Miz Stanton is once again heading down to Paradise, as season four will resume filming next week now that Warner Bros. has finalized their investigation into the matter.

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In fact, the Bachelor season 20 standout is en route to Mexico right now. While speaking with E! News at SodaStream‘s celebration of National Hydration Day on Wednesday, the reality TV starlet revealed:

“I’m excited to go back. I actually leave tonight to go back to Mexico.”

Although Amanda was unable to dish any dirt about the reported incident between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, the single mom did say she “tried to stay out of it.” Despite the fact that Warner Bros. cleared the show and the cast of any wrongdoing, Stanton claimed she was a bit hesitant to return to the BIP set.

She continued:

“I think there’s a little hesitation because it’s been so crazy and the whole scandal has been all over the media and it’s been hard to know if you’re doing the right thing. But I think if they’re starting filming back up, I trust that they’re doing the right thing.”

Looks like someone’s a part of Bachelor nation through and through! On what might be different down in Mexico following the scandal, Amanda relayed:

“They haven’t said anything. I just pretty much got a call saying, ‘We’re going back.’ So that’s pretty much all I know. I think we might be picking up where we left off but I don’t know for sure.”

Hmmm, well we know DeMario and Corinne aren’t going back, so it’ll be inneresting to see how they handle this drama on screen.

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Speaking of Corinne, Amanda had some insight into how her fellow contestant is doing. Stanton noted:

“I’ve talked to Corinne. Corinne is one of my friends. I think it’s probably difficult with all of this being so public, but I think she’s doing OK. I think this thing is just unfortunate for everyone involved whether it’s Corinne or DeMario or the producers. I think everybody probably wishes nothing ever happened.”

Very fair. In regards to what she hopes will happen in Paradise, the 27-year-old explained:

“I think I’m going into it with a totally different approach than I did last year. Last year, I went into it really wanting a relationship and this time around I’m more open-minded to that not happening and just kind of going to have some fun and meet some new people. If it happens, it happens. I feel a little more laid back this time.”

Smart plan. We’re wishing Amanda only the best as she tries to find love yet again!

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Jun 22, 2017 3:35pm PDT

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