Aaron Carter Ends Up In The Hospital After Being Bullied By Cruel Fans — See What He Had To Say About The Incident!

aaron carter bullied by fans hospitalized

Things have been pretty rough for Aaron Carter lately.

On Thursday, the Fool’s Gold singer ended up in the hospital for exhaustion following his HOT 107.9 gig in Syracuse, NY. To make matters worse, the industry vet was also hit with some unexpected body-shaming from fans he met. Eek.

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The drama started off when the former child star took to Twitter to discuss the unpleasant encounter he had with some fans. Nick Carter‘s brother dished:

In case you forgot, back in April the 29-year-old revealed that he’s been struggling with a hiatal hernia which has caused him to lose quite a bit of weight. This inconsiderate comment clearly shook Mr. Carter to his core as he continued:

Not being one to ever back down from a feud, the hitmaker then engaged with the unnamed fan and their friends on the social media site. After some inneresting back and forth, Hilary Duff‘s ex snapped:

Poor guy. Literally two hours later, Aaron returned to Twitter to simply type the letters “E.R.” Way to cause a panic, bud!

Thankfully, Carter just stopped by the medical center for a checkup as his recent shows have taken a lot out of him. The Florida native explained:

Phew. Nonetheless, Aaron was nowhere near done shaming his haters as he closed out the night with one last clap back:

Spelling errors aside, what a lovely sentiment! Stay strong, buddy!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jun 23, 2017 11:44am PDT

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