Bachelor In Paradise Alum Daniel Maguire Trashes Corinne Olympios: ‘I’d Trust A Dead Dog Before I Trusted Her’

daniel maguire throws corinne olympios under the bus

Daniel Maguire is single-handedly debunking that “all Canadians are nice” stereotype!

How?? By throwing his Bachelor nation peer Corinne Olympios under a bus. On Thursday evening, the Bachelor In Paradise vet stopped by The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and gave his two cents on the Bachelor spin-off’s recent sex scandal.

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As you surely know, BIP‘s season four production was briefly halted after Warner Bros. investigated alleged sexual misconduct which took place between the blonde businesswoman and DeMario Jackson. While it was widely believed that Miz Olympios was too intoxicated to give consent to a sexual encounter with Rachel Lindsay‘s castoff, the show and its cast have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Despite the intensity of the subject, Mr. Maguire has zero sympathy for what Nick Viall‘s ex has been through. In regards to his opinion of Corinne, the professional Canadian noted:

“I don’t feel whatsoever sorry for her whatever has gone to her and whatever is coming her way. Like as in, people bitching, complaining and making fun of her whatever…I don’t trust her whatsoever. You know, it’s hard to trust people to begin with, but then to trust Corinne? I’d trust a, I’d trust a dead dog in the street before I trusted her.”

Damnnnnn, Daniel. The workout enthusiast’s aggressive stance might have something to do with the fact that he doesn’t believe it’s assault if one of the parties is too drunk. He continued:

“No! People get drunk all the time and hook up that’s, that’s like happening, millions of people around the world. But if she’s saying ‘no’ and he proceeded, that’s sexual assault.”

UGH. Somebody take this boy back to school because he has A LOT to learn. Regardless, Maguire just seems very anti-Corinne overall as he had plenty more to say about the Miami native. In fact, Daniel claimed that if ANYONE else brought up the allegations he’d believe it.

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Chad Johnson‘s onscreen bestie elaborated:

“Like, I mean, as bad as it sounds, like, if it was another girl I’d be like, ‘oh!’ You know? Cause it’s, Corinne, you know, just from her personality, it’s like, she comes across as very, like, promiscuous, throwing herself on guys and this and that, and like, she has a boyfriend, you know, it’s just, I’m not surprised that all this happened…I’m not surprised that she was throwing herself on four or five guys. I’m not surprised that she’s getting sexual with DeMario in a hot tub.”

Ummm, Daniel?? Has anyone ever taught you that slut shaming is a bad thing?? Smh.

Of course, this incident has brought up the question about whether alcohol should be controlled on reality TV sets. Daniel is VVV against this idea as he relayed:

“You know? It’s like real life, people get drunk all the time and drink too much. They make bad decisions, they get into fist fights, they go to jail, they get pregnant, you know? They get hurt, they get into car accidents, that’s life and the same with reality TV, this happens.”

Shockingly, Maguire made one sound point when he defended that producers would’ve stepped in if an assault occurred. Daniel shared:

“They would have stepped in and then security would have, um, you know, escorted the guy off the premises and took him away, you know to maybe jail…anybody with any morals would have done something. They would not just let it happen.”

Hmmm, after reading those BIP contracts, we’re not sure we have as much faith in the producers as Daniel does. Just sayin’!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out Daniel’s FULL interview for yourself (below).

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Jun 23, 2017 10:06am PDT

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