Stephen Colbert Hypes His Upcoming 2020 Presidential Run — Wait, Really?!

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Will Donald Trump be forced to face off against Stephen Colbert for the Presidency come 2020??

It sure sounds like it — and Colbert is going to all of Trump’s favorite places to get votes!!

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The Late Show host is in Russia right now, and on Friday night, during his highly publicized trip to the country, he made some statements about running for President of the United States that have everybody’s eyebrows raised!

Appearing on Evening Urgant, a popular Russian late night show hosted by Ivan Urgant, Colbert said, in part, about possibly running for President in 2020 (below):

“OK. I am here to announce that I am considering a run for president in 2020, and I thought it would be better to cut out the middle man and just tell the Russians myself. If anyone would like to work on my campaign, in an unofficial capacity, please just let me know.”


And then, after taking another shot of vodka during the program, Colbert toasted to Urgant:

“A strong America, a strong Russia!”


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In on the joke, Urgant also made a pretty funny toast after Colbert, adding (below):

“I’d like to make a toast to the beautiful country of the USA, which invented the Internet. Thanks to it, we can meddle with US elections … To you, Stephen! Good luck! We’ll do everything possible to make sure you get elected.”

Better watch out, Donald — you have some actual competition from another television celebrity, only this one is about 10,000 times smarter than you are!


[Image via CBS.]

Jun 24, 2017 12:41pm PDT

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