Feuds, Frontrunners, & Far Away Trips — This Week’s Bachelorette Was Jam-Packed With Drama!

bachelorette recap kenny vs lee drama

For a franchise that ignored racial issues for years, The Bachelorette tackled the topic head on last night!

Monday’s episode of the ABC dating competition, picked up where last week’s cliffhanger left off. Yup, the drama was palpable almost immediately as contestants Lee and Kenny faced off, once again, while vying for Rachel Lindsay‘s heart. In case you forgot, last week the professional wrestler was LIVID when he learned that the racist *ahem* singer/songwriter told Miz Lindsay he was “aggressive.”

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While Kenny tried to confront Lee for his backstabbing ways, the Nashville native trolled his frenemy by walking away from him. However, their beef was reignited during the group date’s rose hand out. After Rachel gave hot Bryan the date rose, Kenny congratulated the chiropractor, but quickly turned the moment into an attack on Lee. Not only did Kenny call Lee a “snake,” he also said the 30-year-old was a “bitch-ass dude.” This, obviously, rubbed Lee the wrong way who then pretty much told Kenny to “fuck” off.

Sadly, Kenny played right into Lee’s hand and unleashed a bunch of crazzzzy insults. Intense stuff.

bachelorette recap kenny vs lee drama

Thankfully, we got a break from this drama as we then watched Rachel go on the most awkward date of her life (we assume). Originally, we were excited to see Rachel and Jack Stone go on their one-on-one because, on paper, they seem like a perfect match. But, in reality, they are not suitable for each other in any way!

For starters, Jack’s smile couldn’t be creepier. We mean, he looked like the freakin’ cheshire cat the whole time. *Shudders*

Unfortunately, Jack wasn’t aware that Rachel wasn’t vibing him at all as he kept rambling on and on about their “connection.” To make matters worse, when Jack went in to kiss Rachel she pulled the “sick” card and refrained from locking lips with the attorney. The bachelorette’s mystery illness didn’t sway Mr. Stone’s desire as he tried for a kiss AGAIN. Dude, c’mon!

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Now, as the evening portion of the date came around, Rachel was already noting that there wasn’t any “passion” between herself and Jack. But being the literal angel she is, the Dallas-based lawyer gave her beau another shot. As the pair are both from Dallas, Rachel asked Jack to pitch her a dream date… and THIS is what he came up with:

“First off, I’d lock the door, push everything out and just sit down and hang out. Just like, lay in bed and hang out, honestly. I think that’s the best way to chill.”

STOP IT. Unsurprisingly, Rachel wasn’t feeling that answer and sent him home right then and there. Respect, girl!

bachelorette recap kenny vs lee drama

Okay, back to the Kenny vs. Lee drama. As the tension between the former friends was still apparent in the mansion, Will decided to pull Lee aside in order to explain to him why he was coming off as, you know, racist. The sales manager noted:

“When you call Kenny aggressive, there is a longstanding history in this country of regarding black men as aggressive to justify a lot of other things.”

Well said, bud. Lee wasn’t down with Will’s history lesson though, as he went on to accuse Kenny of playing the “race card.” Whoa, not cool.

Being pretty done with the men’s antics, Rachel went right into the rose ceremony and sent home tickle monster Jonathan and tattle-tale Iggy. Bye forever!

This episode was packed with a ton as Rachel went on ANOTHER one-on-one date — don’t worry this one was with hot Bryan (so obviously it was a success). Rachel and the frontrunner went on quite the adventure as they tried rappelling down Oslo, Norway’s historic Olympic ski jump. Oh yeah, did we mention that Rachel and her remaining suitors flew to Norway?? Well, now you know!

Anywho, the cute couple were really feeling each other as they made out while 187 feet above ground. Like we said, Bryan’s a frontrunner.

By the end of their date, Bryan admitted to Rachel that he is “falling in love.” Thus, the Miami-native was given the date rose.

bachelorette recap kenny vs lee drama

ANOTHER group date occurred, but Kenny and Lee weren’t invited as they were schedule for an upcoming two-on-one outing. Rachel was all about Peter (the cutie with the gap teeth) as they snuck off in the middle of the group date to make out in a hot tub. Get it, girl!

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Nonetheless, it was Will who given the rose as he showed a “different side” during the date — which included an intense game of handball, FYI. Awwww.

bachelorette recap kenny vs lee drama

The episode didn’t end there as Rachel took Lee and Kenny to the middle of nowhere for their two-on-one. Kenny tried to downplay the drama by just focusing on his relationship with Rachel, but Lee continued to stir the pot as he accused Kenny of having a “dark side” and said the father-of-one got physical with him the night before. LIES!

Justifiably, Rachel was floored by this feud as she concluded:

“All I wanted out of today was clarity, but right now I’m getting two completely different stories. I know there are truths to what both of them are saying, and I feel that there are exaggerations in what both of them are saying. I don’t know who to believe at this point.”

Rachel then alerted Kenny to what Lee was saying about him, accusations which the athlete denied. As Rachel left to think things over, an angry Kenny made his way over to Lee. In typical Bachelorette fashion, this is where the episode cut off.

bachelorette recap kenny vs lee drama

Don’t fret there’s a two hour follow up episode tonight (June 27) at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Jun 27, 2017 11:08am PST

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