Mariah Carey Talks On-The-Run Ex James Packer: ‘I Don’t Know Where The Motherfucker Is’

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Mariah Carey has a very narrow radar that includes: ambient lighting, festivating, and, of course, all things Mariah Carey.

So, when you ask the diva about something NOT on her radar — say, her thoughts on Jennifer Lopez or the whereabouts of her ex-fianc├â┬⌐e — Mimi makes her lack of knowledge on the subject crystal clear!

The pop star’s apathetic responses made for one awkward interview when she was asked about the location of her ex, James Packer — who is linked to a corruption investigation involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu!

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That’s right! The M.I.A. Aussie billionaire has reportedly been wanted by Israeli police since March for questioning — and now, reporters are asking the Elusive Chanteuse for leads!

After landing in Tel Aviv to promote a new partnership with a local skincare line, Carey was asked about Packer’s whereabouts. Unfortunately for the Channel 2 News team, she gave a typical Carey-esque response, declaring:

“I don’t know where the motherfucker is. How am I supposed to know? I don’t know, for real. I really have no idea about the political stuff that goes on, I don’t pay attention to it.”

Ha! Let’s hope they don’t need her on the witness stand!

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The interviewer attempted to ask Mimi about a dinner she and Packer had with Netanyahu before the couple split last October, to which she replied:

“I was eating the food├óΓé¼┬ª They had some food there that was pretty good.”

Hmm├óΓé¼┬ª is she protecting her ex, or genuinely uninterested in anything that isn’t her career?

We’ll let you answer that one. Watch the clip of the unintentionally hilarious chat (below)!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

Jun 27, 2017 2:20pm PDT

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