DeMario Jackson Reveals There’s ONE Lucky Lady Who Could Convince Him To Return To Bachelor In Paradise — And No, It’s Not Corinne Olympios!

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DeMario Jackson has said his peace about the Bachelor In Paradise sex scandal.

While Rachel Lindsay‘s castoff feels as though he’s been “played” throughout this mess, his future with the Bachelor franchise is still up in the air. As we previously reported, the executive recruiter sat down with E! News in order to tell his side of the “sexual misconduct” controversy.

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After spilling ALL of the tea about Paradise, Jackson revealed he doesn’t necessarily blame production for this highly publicized situation. DeMario explained:

“I feel like we’re all like pawns in the game…We’re all victims to a certain degree…We are [all] sitting here a little confused…the bad thing is last week. The good thing is this week. I am able to be here and talk to you and be able to clear my family name├óΓé¼┬ª.Just to be able to be here and to breath more. I haven’t had anxiety this whole interview, I still don’t have an appetite but it’s very cool to at least be getting out my side, finally!”

Poor guy. Unsurprisingly, the Bachelorette season 13 standout hasn’t really thought much about returning to BIP — even now that production has resumed filming. The 30-year-old noted:

“I have not thought about that…at this moment I don’t care about that. I don’t care about anything but my family. This whole experience was humbling.”

Fair enough. In case you forgot, at one point, rumors circulated that Jackson may’ve taken advantage of fellow contestant Corinne Olympios while she intoxicated on set. However, DeMario and everyone else involved in the BIP scandal have since been cleared by Warner Bros. following an investigation.

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And while all this awfulness occurred under the BIP staffers’ watchful eyes, the reality TV star still believes in the integrity of the show. He continued:

“I honestly believe that it wasn’t them. A lot of people’s lives were on the line, like a lot of money. I could be super naive to it and I could be that person who goes into Paradise and get screwed again, or I could be that person that finds love.”


And it appears as though DeMario made a genuine connection with another cast member prior to the show getting temporarily suspended. Apparently, Alexis Waters made quite the impression on DeMario while they were both down in Mexico. On his feelings for Miz Waters, the Bachelor nation alum relayed:

“If I was to go back it would be strictly for her, but I don’t even know if I am going to go back.”

Hmmm, sounds like Jackson could be heading back to Paradise after all! Nonetheless, the El Lay native still wants answers before rushing off to Mexico. In fact, DeMario wants the tape of his encounter with Olympios released in order to “see exactly what happened.”

So how is DeMario REALLY doing following the drama?? Well, according to Jackson, he could be doing a lot worse. Miz Lindsay’s ex concluded:

“I am still the same person. I haven’t been sleeping as much, but I am not going to be that person that is like ‘fuck the world.’ I am still going to smile. The end goal is making sure I am right, health-wise…see my therapist, and trying to get those crazy thoughts out of my mind and try to sleep a little better, try to get my appetite up. But yeah, I am still me for the most part.”

We wonder how Corinne, or even Alexis, feels about this very open interview?? We guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for reactions!

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Jun 28, 2017 10:03am PST

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