Donald Trump Desperately Wants To Sue The ‘Horrible Human Beings’ At CNN! Listen To Leaked Audio From His Re-Election Fundraiser!

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Donald Trump has plenty to say about CNN in public, so we can only imagine what the President says about his biggest news network nemesis behind closed doors.

But now, we don’t have to! Because leaked audio from a fundraiser earlier this week reveals just what POTUS thinks about the outlet he considers to be the pinnacle of “FAKE NEWS.”

In what should come as a surprise to no one, Trump is desperately trying to figure out a way to sue the network full of “horrible human beings,” and is willing to listen to any legal professional who thinks he has a good case.

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The President said it would be great “fun” to slap CNN with a lawsuit in his first re-election fundraiser on Wednesday, where attendees reportedly paid $35,000 a ticket.

Despite the media being told they would be allowed to cover the event, the fundraiser was closed to the press — but luckily, we got to hear exactly what Trump said in front of his biggest Trumpettes thanks to audio leaked by The Intercept!

Trump used his speech to tackle all the “phonies” at CNN, like commentator Van Jones — who called the story of Trump colluding with Russia a “nothing burger” — and network CEO Jeff Zucker, sneering:

“Van Jones ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ you see this man? These are really dishonest people. Should I sue them? I mean, they’re phonies. Jeff Zucker, I hear he’s going to resign at some point pretty soon. I mean, these are horrible human beings.”

Horrible and dishonest — maybe THEY were the ones who “obstructed or colluded” with Russia!

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As Trump went on, he made it clear he would love nothing more than to take his battle with the network to court — if anyone in his loyal following thought he had a good case against them. He continued:

“It’s a shame what they’ve done to the name CNN. But as far as I’m concerned, I love it. If anybody’s a lawyer in the house and thinks I have a good lawsuit ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I feel like we do. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

A lawsuit — how fun! After all, isn’t “fun” what being president is all about?

Take a listen to the super fun audio (below).

Jun 30, 2017 4:37pm PDT

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