Man Tweets At KFC For Almost A Year To Bring Back Hot Devil Drumlets — And It Works!

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from fast food lovers on Twitter, it’s that commitment pays off.

One man in Singapore showed us the power of persistence is REAL when he made it his life’s mission to bring back KFC‘s Hot Devil Drumlets — the spicy chicken drumsticks that were discontinued in the country in 2014.

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Over the past year, a man named Farhan attempted to let the chain know he longed to once again taste the forbidden wings that were taken away from him, sporadically replying to the company account’s tweets with hangry zeal:

Over the next few months, Farhan’s tweets got more creative:

And, as his hunger rose, so did the sass:

Then, after almost a full year of heckling, Farhan finally received a message from the chicken frying gods themselves:

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It was real. It was spicy. And it was coming to his door:

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Yup, Farhan will soon be living the dream! KFC will be sending wing enthusiast a box of the drumlets next Wednesday, ahead of its “relaunch islandwide.”

Farhan’s success story was so unimaginable, he himself didn’t believe it at first. He told Mashable:

“My first reaction [to this was] nah, this has to be fake…because my close friends know I love fried chicken. So I clicked KFC’s profile and [saw that it was real] I was just stunned. I mean they actually noticed the tweets and made an effort to contact me.”

KFC confirmed the company did recognize the chicken-lover’s tweets, saying in a statement:

“As an appreciation for his fervent support, we wanted to let him have the first taste of the Hot Devil Drumlets comeback.”

You deserve those wings and so much more, Farhan.

P.S. Speaking of fast food dreams, ATTN: TACO BELL — LAVA SAUCE, PLS.

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 30, 2017 3:37pm PST

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