You Want A Feud, Young Man?? Ryan Murphy Is Getting Sued By 100-Year-Old Olivia de Havilland!

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This centenarian means business!

Olivia de Havilland, two-time Best Actress Oscar winner and silver screen icon, is coming out of retirement for one last prize fight.

The Gone With The Wind actress is suing Ryan Murphy and the FX Network for her portrayal in the sensational miniseries Feud.

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de Havilland made a statement through her lawyers that she did NOT like how she was portrayed (by the fabulous Catherine Zeta Jones btw) on the show. The statement reads:

“FX and its partners appropriated Miss de Havilland’s name and identity and placed her in a false light to sensationalize the series and to promote their own businesses, including the FX network and brand, ignoring Miss de Havilland’s interests entirely.”

Damn! Talk about a Feud! The statement continues:

“Miss de Havilland was not asked by FX for permission to use her name and identity and was not compensated for such use. Further, the FX series puts words in the mouth of Miss de Havilland which are inaccurate and contrary to the reputation she has built over an 80-year professional life, specifically refusing to engage in gossip mongering about other actors in order to generate media attention for herself.”

Did Murphy and his team not even think to contact her? She might have even had more stories to tell! Though from the sound of this, she probably would have politely told them to hit the bricks.

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We kiiiinda doubt Olivia has a case. After all, if everyone who hated how they were portrayed in movies and TV was able to sue, we wouldn’t have any more “based on a true story.”

Dame de Havilland’s lawyers are reportedly seeking a speedy trial given their client’s age. Did we mention she’s turning 101 on July 1??

What do YOU think of the lawsuit?

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Jun 30, 2017 8:37pm PST

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