Adele’s Fans Have Her Back As She Suffers Vocal Cord Problems — You Have GOT To See This!

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It’s funny how life works sometimes.

Moments ago, America’s most awful person did another dumb thing, and it had us feeling down and sad and a bit overwhelmed.

And now, moments later, we’re uplifted again by the common good and decency of kind, appreciative people!

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Today’s uplifting moment comes from Adele‘s fans, who are rallying to her side as the singer suffers through serious vocal cord damage.

Her super fans have a wonderful message for her: if you can’t sing for us right now, we’ll sing for you! And they did!!

Ch-ch-check out these social media videos (below) showing fans flocking to Wembley Stadium outside of London to perform Adele’s songs in a show of solidarity around her vocal cord issues!!!

You couldn’t perform for us, so we performed for you! We love you so much! ├ó┬¥┬ñ @adele #singforadele #weloveyouadeleA post shared by Privileged Daydreamers ├░┼╕ΓÇí┬│├░┼╕ΓÇí┬▒├░┼╕┼Æ┬ì (@adelefie) on Jul 1, 2017 at 3:36pm PDT


What a sweet and simple — but impactful — show of solidarity.

We love it!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

Jul 2, 2017 12:28pm PDT

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