Donald Trump Wades Into International Controversy With Tweet About Terminally Ill Infant — Is He Actually Trying To Help??

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Donald Trump actually tweeted something nice for a change on Monday — and even that is mired in controversy thanks to literally everything else he’s done.

In case you haven’t followed the story of U.K. infant Charlie Gard, the 10-month-old suffers from a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial depletion syndrome that keeps him from breathing and moving on his own. He’s currently being kept alive by machines.

But doctors say there’s nothing they can do to fix his declining condition, and that turning off the machines is the merciful thing to do as Charlie will only suffer more. And the courts agree.

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His parents have been fighting, but last week the European Court Of Human Rights upheld a lower court ruling that “it was likely that Charlie would suffer significant harm if his present suffering was prolonged without any realistic prospect of improvement, and the experimental therapy would be of no effective benefit.”

It’s a heartbreaking case. Even the Pope weighed in, saying he prays Charlie will be treated “until the end” per the parents’ wishes.

Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, set up a GoFundMe to pay for an experimental treatment in the U.S. — one which Connie says has never been tried on his particular gene but has helped with a similar syndrome. So far they’ve raised an astounding $1.7 million.

That’s where Donald Trump comes in. He tweeted on behalf of the U.S.:

That’s right. Trump welcomed the infant to the country for his medical treatment. Good thing Charlie’s parents actually raised the money. And that he’s from England, and not Syria. Or god forbid Mexico, right, Donald?

It does seem a kind gesture from the POTUS to reach out to this terminally ill little boy. Though it also would be great press for Trump, considering how many babies and teens and adults in the United States he’s ostensibly sentencing to death with his Medicaid-destroying health care plan. And it once again paints single-payer “socialist medicine” as some cruel bureaucratic nightmare, as if thousands aren’t dying in America because of our greedy, profit-centric system.

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Trump supporters are already praising their golden god for saving Charlie, but it’s worth remembering Trump just tweets things without any consideration or approval. We have no way of knowing if he’ll actually do anything to help.

After all, it would require a great deal of diplomacy — something Drumpf has not shown — to circumvent another country’s courts and then to transport a child on life support around the world.

But let’s try not to think about this cynically for a second.

We hope Trump actually manages this, and that the treatment works, and that baby Charlie makes a full recovery. Plain and simple, we hope it all works out.

What do YOU think??

[Image via GoFundMe/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Jul 3, 2017 3:21pm PDT

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