Auschwitz Memorial Shuts Down Congressman Who Used The Gas Chamber To Film An Ad For The U.S. Military

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You know those Sarah McLachlan commercials that guilt you into donating money by showing depressing pictures of dogs?

Well, Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins is using a similar formula to promote the U.S. military industrial complex — with the world’s most infamous death camp as an emotional backdrop.

Higgins got skewered by the Auschwitz Memorial on Monday for shooting a sobering video inside the building’s gas chamber and using the tragedy as a platform for the war on Islamic terrorism.

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The congressman turned his Auschwitz visit into an ad for giving the military more money to, as he put it in a Fourth of July Facebook post, “hunt [radical Islamic suspects] down. Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.”

Um… which side is he supposed to represent in this Auschwitz equation again?

Higgins was understandably moved by his visit to the death camp site, and documented the harrowing setting as he spoke into his phone:

“This is why homeland security must be squared away, why our military must be invincible. The world’s a smaller place now than it was in World War II. The United States is more accessible to terror like this, horror like this.”

Are you feeling scared yet, helpless citizens?

The Auschwitz Memorial was feeling sheer disgust over the politician exploiting the site and politely reminded Higgins to STFU the next time he’s in a former concentration camp:

What a time to be an American!

Watch the politician’s video (below) if you can stomach it.

[Image via YouTube.]

Jul 5, 2017 2:56pm PDT

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