Donal Logue Wants You To Understand That His Daughter Is ‘Missing’ & ‘Not A Runaway’

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Donal Logue is living every father’s nightmare.

As you surely know, the Gotham actor has made numerous pleas for his daughter Jade to return home after going missing in Brooklyn on June 26. However, there is one thing the industry vet wants to make clear about his daughter’s disappearance — he does NOT believe Jade left on her own free will.

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Oh no. The Vikings alum took to Twitter on Tuesday and shared:

What a troubling situation. The 51-year-old didn’t stop there as he also posted an old picture of Jade (below) in order to get her face out there.

Logue has repeatedly asked for the public’s help in the hunt for his daughter and has even enlisted the help of his famous friends to spread the word about Jade’s disappearance. As we previously reported, beloved character actor Danny Trejo even pled with the unknown kidnappers in a video for Twitter.

Not to mention, Donal’s Gotham costars Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin have shared his pleas to their followers online. Debra Messing also asked her network to keep their eyes peeled for any information about Jade’s whereabouts. We’re sure Donal is grateful for this support.

Now, if you have any information to share about Jade’s disappearance, please refer to Logue’s post from this weekend (below).

We hope Jade is found sooner than later. We’re keeping Donal and his loved ones in our thoughts during this particularly tough time.

[Image via DC5/WENN.]

Jul 5, 2017 2:13pm PDT

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