Damon Wayans, Jr. Doesn’t Care If You Get Offended By His Fourth Of July Joke!

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It’s not a holiday if someone doesn’t ignite some controversy on Twitter!

But of course, Damon Wayans Jr. sparked some internet criticism by making an Independence Day joke that many weren’t celebrating.

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On the Fourth of July, the Happy Endings star wrote:

Needless to say, many patriotic Twitter users took offense to the comment — and soon, hate tweets were gallantly streaming towards the actor.

Though the comedian wasn’t very bothered by the backlash, and swiftly reminded his Twitics that jokes — unlike fireworks, in some states — weren’t illegal. He replied:

He even brushed off the saltier responses with a smile:


Oh, America… the land of the free, and the home of the easily outraged.

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Jul 5, 2017 11:02am PDT

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