Lindsay Lohan Makes It Official — She’s A Goddamn Trump Supporter!

lindsay lohan defends donald trump

Oh, LiLo, noooooooo.

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan exposed herself as a Donald Trump supporter as she urged POTUS’s critics to stop “bullying him” and to start “trusting him.” Ugh.

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The Trumpster won the A-lister’s praise after he revealed the U.S. would be “delighted” to help a critically ill British baby, named Charlie Gard, who was deemed too sick to receive experimental medicine by the European Court of Human Rights. Huh.

Specifically, the Mean Girls actress responded to one Twitter user who shared a Breitbart article about Donnie’s support of Charlie. The red-headed starlet noted:

What a shame. And Lohan’s support of Trump didn’t stop there as she also praised the first family. Lindsay continued:

*Sigh* We think the 31-year-old has been living in London too long, because she’s clearly not grasping the chaos the president has caused since entering the Oval Office.

While a few people have praised the industry vet for standing by the president, others called out Lindsay for trying to make “Trump happen.” LOLz!

See the best reactions to Lindsay’s tweet (below).

HA! TBH we’re shocked that Lohan is #TeamTrump, especially after those upsetting comments Donald made about her in 2004 resurfaced during the election. Regardless, this isn’t the first time Lindsay alluded to her pro-Trump political beliefs as she urged Americans to “join” the Commander-In-Chief after the election.

Smh. Someone call Tyra Banks, because she needs to shake some sense into her former Life-Size costar!

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Jul 5, 2017 10:48am PDT

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