Amazon Prime Day Is Full Of Discounts AND Memes! Check Out The Most LOL-Worthy Jokes (Free 2-Day Shipping Included) HERE!

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So how much useless shit did you buy??

July 11, 2017 marks Amazon‘s infamous Prime Day, where Prime users get free shipping and deep discounts on a ton of products including gadgets, books, clothes, and more.

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While we love a good sale, we also love laughing — and Twitter users brought it today with their take on #AmazonPrimeDay.

The good, bad, and some downright ugly reactions can be found (below)!

While others got political to remind us that the company still advertises on conservative garbage outlet Breitbart:

But tbh, that’s really not stopping the masses from spending. Sad/true.

We can’t wait to hear the stats from today! Tell us what you bought in the comments (below)!

Jul 11, 2017 4:37pm PDT

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