Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Hones In On Her Final Four Suitors As She Sends Two Guys Packing!

bachelorette season 13 episode 7 recap

Going through Bachelorette withdrawals?? There’s no need to fret as the ABC dating competition returned last night (July 10) after a brief hiatus — and, boy, was it juicy AF!

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In case you forgot, during the last episode of the Bachelorette, the season 13 lead broke up with pretty much everyone as she only kept Eric, Peter, Bryan, Dean, Matt, and Adam to join her on a romantic trip to Geneva, Switzerland. However, with hometown visits drawing closer and closer, Rachel kicked off the episode by announcing she’d be going on a three-on-one date as well as three one-on-one dates. *GASP*

Yup, instead of a rose ceremony, Miz Lindsay was ready to send these dudes packing while out on the town. So savage — and we LOVES it!

Unsurprisingly, Bryan (AKA the hot chiropractor who can’t stop making out with Rachel) was granted one of the coveted one-on-one dates. And Dr. Hottie certainly brought out his A-game as he essentially poured his heart and soul out to the Dallas-based lawyer. After cruising around in a Bentley and stopping to buy a luxurious watch, Rachel and Bryan made out in every scenic location Geneva had to offer.

bachelorette season 13 episode 7 recap

Anywho, as the date came to an end, Bryan admitted that the last time he introduced a girl to his family it ended in a breakup. Nonetheless, he reassured Rachel that his fam would love her and she was HYPED about this news. Just before presenting him with the date rose, Nick Viall‘s ex told Bryan:

“I was on cloud nine after my last date with you, and I’m going higher. I have to come and meet your family.”

Awwwww. Talk about a perfect date!

Unfortunately, Rachel’s next one-on-one was far from perfect as baby faced Dean starting acting super weird as he was stressed about the prospective of a hometown visit. It probably didn’t help that Dean and Rachel’s date took place during a Catholic Mass — way to kill the mood ABC. LOLz!

bachelorette season 13 episode 7 recap

Regardless, Dean avoided Rachel’s many attempts to get him to open up — a move the powerhouse attorney called him out on. Rachel FINALLY pulled the truth out of Dean, who revealed that following his mother’s death, his relationship with his father became strained. He admitted:

“My concern is that you would judge my family into what our potential family could be.”

Poor guy. Still, this confession saved Dean’s behind as Rachel promised she wouldn’t judge his family and gave him the date rose. We’re VVV intrigued to meet this father of his…

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The third and final frontrunner Peter nabbed the final one-one-one date, but again, this outing wasn’t perfect either. In fact, Peter even caused some drama! We know what you’re probably thinking, “Never! He’s sweet, gap toothed Peter.” Well, don’t get so defensive because homeboy shared with Rachel that he will NOT propose at the end if he doesn’t feel like it is the right call. Uh oh.

bachelorette season 13 episode 7 recap

Another highlight from Peter and Rachel’s date include an admission from the businessman about how he’s never dated a black girl. Despite the troubling truth bombs, Rachel still gave Peter his date rose. Close call, bud!

Adam, Eric and Matt eventually got their time with Rachel as they were sent on the three-on-one. Matt opened up to Rachel which resulted in the reality TV star breaking out in to tears. Now if you’re wondering who Matt is, don’t stress about it, because Rachel sent him home because their relationship hadn’t progressed. We think Rachel was the only one weeping about this dumping.

bachelorette season 13 episode 7 recap

Eric then swooped in and made sure to get emotional with Rachel as he opened up about his tough past. Apparently, the personal trainer was inspired to help others because no one ever helped him growing up. While Rachel was a tad alarmed to learn Eric had never taken a woman home to his family, she didn’t dump him right then and there.

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Adam (yes, the puppet guy is still here) was next on deck as he got some alone with the bachelorette. Despite making every “single second” they’d had together count, Adam didn’t leave a strong enough impression on Rachel and she broke up with him. Baffled by Rachel’s decision to pick Eric over him, the puppet master left in tears (hopefully with his doll by his side).

bachelorette season 13 episode 7 recap

Intense stuff. Yet, we are so excited for next week’s hometown visits. Squee!

Don’t forget, The Bachelorette airs on ABC on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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Jul 11, 2017 11:06am PDT

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