Now Kid Rock Is Running For Senate?? What The Actual Fuck?!?!

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Is this a joke? A PR stunt in support of an upcoming album?

Or something more sinister..? We’ll get back to theories later.

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What we can say for sure right now is Kid Rock has now confirmed the recently discovered website is his, and, yes, it is real!

He tweeted on Wednesday:

Followed immediately by:

The Only God Knows Why rocker is already selling campaign merch with slogans like “I’ll Rock The Party” and “Pimp of the Nation.”

Yeah. We may never be able to take the immortal words of Bawitdaba seriously again.

Now before you think to yourself, ugh, American politics really is turning into a ridiculous circus full of gag candidates, take a moment to realize — that may be the entire point of this exercise.

Hear us out:

We know Kid Rock supports Donald Trump. (Here he is at the White House.) And if there’s one thing we know about Trump, it’s that he HATES being second place. Even after winning the damn presidency, he can’t stop trying to invalidate the election results because he can’t take that he lost the popular vote.

Now a couple months ago, a poll showed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would defeat Trump if an election were held today. Trump never said anything about that, but it MUST have burned.

And now it looks like The Rock is seriously going to do it.

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During the election, Trump used the criticism that he had no government experience in his favor, garnering support from those too hungry for change to see that he was actually a more concentrated version of all the corruption and elitism they were sick of.

So how does “outsider” Trump take down The Rock if he can’t attack his lack of experience?

Easy. You get one of your (only) celeb supporters to announce a run just beforehand. Completely take the wind out of his sails so by the time he announces he looks like part of the problem.

Hell, if you pick one with a similar name, the media won’t be able to help but make the connection for you!

Pretty darn clever, eh?

Yeah, that’s the only part that doesn’t fit. Maybe Jared Kushner came up with it?

[Image via YouTube.]

Jul 12, 2017 6:48pm PDT

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