Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Hired A Private Investigator To Tail Alex Rodriguez — Um, What?!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

J. Lo’s got her eye on you, Alex Rodriguez.

According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Lopez channeled her inner Harlee Santos and stuck a private investigator to follow her baseball beau! OMG?!

A source told the outlet of the sneaky situation:

“He found out and they had a huge fight. But they’re working through it.”

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It sounds like the Ain’t Your Mama singer was plagued with distrust after a National Enquirer interview with A. Rod’s alleged former mistress Lauren Hunter in June.

The insider explained that sticking a tail on the 41-year-old was Jenny’s way of protecting herself:

“She’s really into Alex and wants it to work. So she’s trying to control as much as she can.”

Considering the two have been gushing about each other in the press ever since, it seems this wasn’t too much of a setback for the couple.

But… this lack of trust is kind of concerning, no??

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Jul 13, 2017 1:29pm PDT

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