Another Awkward AF Donald Trump Handshake!

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And Donald Trump ends his embarrassing trip to France with one last grasp of awkwardness.

French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated Bastille Day by finally breaking out… of Trump’s grip!

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That’s right, another head of state, another awkward handshake moment from the man whose manners come from audiobooks about how to prove you’re the alpha male before making semi-legal business deals.

This time it’s not so much the (lack of) quality of handshake, it’s the quantity. Watch the shake that refuses to end (below)!

In case you were curious, that was about 29 seconds. Yeesh.

Afterward, Trump leaned in and asked Macron to draw him like one of his French girls.

OK, that last part is just wild speculation. But a lot of people are saying it, so…

Jul 14, 2017 1:39pm PDT

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