BTW, Here’s How Airline Complainer Ann Coulter Reacted To The Violent Removal Of Dr. David Dao

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Ann Coulter has declared Twitter war on Delta Airlines.

After being moved from the “extra room seat” she paid for to a standard one, she launched into a tirade of over 30 tweets, insulting the company and the flight attendants.

The poor polemicist… we just hope she was able to find some support among her fans who have been taught always to side with the financial goals of corporations over common decency.

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Since Ann is expecting everyone to be on her side against the big mean airline, surely she must have shown sympathy for Dr. David Dao, who was infamously beaten and forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight that accidentally overbooked.

Um… not so much. What she tweeted three months ago was:

Yeah. She called for him to be deported.

Thanks to reporters digging into his past to reveal he was an ex-convict, Ann lost all sympathy for his current flight plight.

So… should we bring up Ann’s awful books before we decide if she has a case against Delta, or…?

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Jul 17, 2017 2:05pm PDT

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