Game Of Thrones Has FINALLY Returned! Get The Full Season Seven Premiere FULL OF DEATH Recap HERE!!

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

[Spoilers to the east, spoilers to the west.]

After a year of patiently waiting, Game Of Thrones has finally returned to our TV screens — and with it came the icy breath of winter!

While temperatures in Westeros are already down, tensions have heated up since we last saw our favorite characters.

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Evil queens are plotting, alliances are forming, and the few key players left are coming head to head! Ch-ch-check out our full recap (below) to find out what went down in the season premiere episode, Dragonstone.

The North Remembers

Game Of Thrones kicked off its season seven premiere in the most epic way as Arya Stark committed mass murder to avenge the death of her mother and brother. While the young Miz Stark killed Walder Frey at the end of last season, she decided to use her Faceless Men skills to eliminate the ENTIRE Frey clan. Not to mention, her speech was pretty fucking epic as she told those dying from poison:

“Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.”

*Slow claps* This scene pretty much cemented the fact that Arya is about to become a legend in Westeros. Later in the episode, Arya runs into Ed Sheeran (who is, for some reason, playing a soldier) singing in the woods. During a fireside chat with Sheeran and his soldier buddies, Stark informs the group she’s heading to King’s Landing to kill Cersei. They laugh like she’s kidding. She’s not.

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

Speaking of the North, Jon Snow seems to be taking to his new role as King of the North quite well — but his sister (cousin?) Sansa Stark has a few criticisms. After pardoning the children of those who were once loyal to Ramsay Bolton, Sansa and Jon have a very intense chat about whether or not they should eliminate their enemies. While we respect Jon’s decision to unite the North and move forward, he should heed Miz Stark’s advice as she’s learned a thing or two from the vicious Queen Cersei.

(Side Note: Petyr Baelish has yet to return to the Vale as he CLEARLY wants to marry Sansa. Awkward.)

Oh, and Bran Stark finally returned to Westeros as he and Meera Reed made their way to the Wall with a warning about The Night King and his undead army (which now includes some zombie giants, yes, we said giants.)

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

Queen Cersei, First Of Her Name

Things are tense AF in King’s Landing. Why?? Well, in case you forgot, Cersei Lannister snatched the Iron Throne for herself after blowing up all of her enemies and her son King Tommen Baratheon’s tragic suicide.

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

While Cersei currently has the crown, it’s safe to say that her hold over the seven kingdoms is not strong. A fact her brother (and baby daddy) Jaime Lannister reminds her of. However, Cersei didn’t become queen by being a fool, as she allows Euron Greyjoy and his armada to pay her a visit.

Despite desperately needing his ships, Cersei turns down Greyjoy’s marriage proposal. Euron takes this rejection as a challenge and vows to bring the Queen a gift in order to win her heart. We’re guessing that gift his her other brother Tyrion Lannister’s head.

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

Samwell Tarly And The Restricted Section

At the end of last season, Jon’s bestie Samwell Tarly headed to the Citadel in order to become a maester and learn everything he can about the White Walkers. Sadly, Sam’s time spent at the largest library ever was not what he expected as he spent his days cleaning up other people’s shit and being told he can’t read the books he needs to read in order to save mankind.

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

The GOT writers then stole a plot point from Harry Potter, as they had Tarly break into a restricted section (sans an invisibility cloak) and steal a book about the White Walkers. While perusing the books with his girlfriend Gilly, Sam discovers that there is a BUNCH of dragonglass — which is the only thing that can kill White Walkers — at Dragonstone castle. Only trouble is, Dragonstone castle is now currently occupied.

The Return To Dragonstone

Daenerys Targaryen has returned home. After living in exile for most of her formative years, the mother of dragons has landed back in Westeros — and has brought an armada, an army, and three dragons with her. As Stannis Baratheon left Dragonstone abandoned following his failed coup AND the castle is the Targaryen queen’s birth place, it only seemed right that she pick this fortress as her first stop upon returning to the seven kingdoms.

Daenerys, along with her A-lister advisers, silently check out their new digs before declaring:

“Shall we begin?”

game of thrones season seven premiere recap

Yes, we shall! Be sure to let us know YOUR favorite moment from the episode (below)!

You know you have one…

Jul 17, 2017 10:01am PDT

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