Ed Sheeran Brought Back His Twitter — But He’s Deleting All His Tweets!

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Ed Sheeran‘s Twitter account has been resurrected!

Unfortunately it’s less in the still-sexy-but-with-new-hair Jon Snow way and more in the glowing-blue-eyes-empty-inside wight fashion.

Apparently the hate over his Game of Thrones cameo was the last straw for the singer with Twitter, but he seems to have changed his mind about how to delete his account.

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Rather than remove his presence entirely, he’s going through and deleting every tweet! As of this writing, all the tweets back to Summer 2013 have disappeared, and more are vanishing every moment.

Man, some GoT fans must have been cruel! We have seen quite a few haters online, such as:

But is the annoyance with the cameo justified? Tell us what YOU think (below)!

[Image via HBO.]

Jul 18, 2017 4:14pm PDT

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