Aaron Carter Continues To Talk About His Eating Disorder Following Arrest: ‘I Am Sorry For The Way That I Look’

Aaron Carter speaks more!

Following his arrest over the weekend, Aaron Carter is opening up more about his health in an emotional interview.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the singer continued to shut down drug rumors while talking about his own medical issues like hiatal hernia.

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Aaron explained:

“I am not a meth head. I have never touched it in my life. I have a stress condition of an 80-year-old man. I am also lactose intolerant.”

He says he’s since dropped 20 pounds since being diagnosed:

“[I weigh] 135, 140. Yeah, and I’m 5’8. [Doctors] said avoid stress. Because I can develop cancer.”

And when talking about being slammed online for his weight because of it, the star became emotional:

“Oh my God, it hurts so badly. It hurts so badly because there’s like nothing I can do about it… How would you feel every two seconds, seeing a tweet, ‘You have AIDS. Go die. Oh, look at this meth head. Oh, meth kills. Crack kills. It’s body shaming and it’s the toughest thing to deal with… I’m sorry. I am sorry for the way that I look.”

The 29-year-old hopes to focus on having a healthier body:

“I am going to a training camp called D1 Combine Training and I’m going to transform my body. And get healthy. Hopefully tomorrow. We’re already working on it, I’ve been asking for a year. To everybody I say, ‘Give me a break so I can look better, so I can eat.'”

Carter also explained he gets a facial filler, Voluma, to help “fill” his face, in addition to JUV├âΓÇ░DERM and Restylane treatments:

“It’s just how I’m built. This is how I look. If you look at my grandpa Carter, if you look at Douglas Spalding, my grandpa, he was a track runner. Unless you’re in my body, you don’t know.”

Continuing, he said others see him as an inspiration:

“To keep it 100 percent with you, there are so many other guys out there that have been reaching out to me on Twitter that have said, ‘Thank you so much Aaron, you’re the first man that stepped up about weight issues,’ I’m actually becoming a voice for people who are going through this. You don’t [see it a lot with male celebrities] but it does happen. A lot more. The difference is, men are a lot more prideful. We don’t want to admit it. I don’t want to admit I don’t look good.”

We hope the singer takes some time to focus on himself and put himself first.

[Image via Instagram.]

Jul 19, 2017 4:48pm PST

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