ICYMI: Jennifer Lopez Showed How Woke She Was With This Gender Non-Binary Message!

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Obviously Jennifer Lopez is a queen.

But that does not always translate to treating people with the utmost respect. *cough*Mariah Carey*cough*

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Thankfully, it turns out J.Lo is as woke as they come, and she proved it by showing her 68 million Instagram followers how to show deference to someone whose gender non-binary identity is largely misunderstood.

She posted this week:

Notice how she used the proper preferred pronouns in reference to Brendan? And focused on the important attributes like intelligence and heart and leadership?

While some of her followers were confused, most noticed right away, posting comments like:

They/Them/Their. GO @JLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

jlo respecting her sisters kids pronouns i love this concept

Thank you so much for being so rad about pronouns, J. I love you.

This is so great on SO MANY levels. 🎯💯 Thank you @jlo 🙌🏻 And CONGRATS Brendan! #nonbinary

Keep being real, Jenny from the Block!

Jul 19, 2017 8:38pm PDT

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