Gal Gadot Reveals How Wonderful She Actually Is By Comforting A Young Fan At San Diego Comic-Con!

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There’s no denying the impact the Wonder Woman movie has had on fans.

Not only is the flick the highest-grossing live-action motion picture ever helmed by a female director, but it’s also inspiring young female fans to dream big. In fact, one young fan was moved to tears as she met Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. Awwww!

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During a meet-and-greet at San Diego Comic-Con, Miz Gadot was seen comforting a teary-eyed Wonder Woman enthusiast. Amid the little one’s tears, the Israeli actress noted:

“Now we are friends so there’s no reason to cry anymore. We are together!”

Unsurprisingly, people were VVV moved by the encounter and they touted Gadot as real life hero. See the best reactions (below).

We agree with everything said (above)! And it appears as though Gal’s warmth and kindness has left a lasting impact on the kiddo as the young girl’s mom shared online:

AH-Mazing! We can only imagine the tears the brunette stunner will cause after the release of Wonder Woman‘s future sequel!

Keep being WONDERful, Gal.

[Image via Twitter.]

Jul 24, 2017 12:15pm PDT

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