Lana Del Rey Totally Cast A Spell On Donald Trump

Lana Del Rey and Donald Trump

She would.

In case you don’t remember, Lana Del Rey invited her fans to cast a spell on Donald Trump on specific dates earlier this year (below):

When asked by NME in a new interview if she followed up on that request, the Summer Bummer singer said of course she did!

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The 32-year-old songstress admitted:

“Yeah, I did it. Why not? Look, I do a lot of shit.”

She added of her belief in turning thoughts into actions:

“I’m in line with Yoko and John and the belief that there’s a power to the vibration of a thought. Your thoughts are very powerful things and they become words, and words become actions, and actions lead to physical changes.”

Hey, worth a shot!

[Image via Chris Kleponis/CNP/Kevin Estrada/Media Punch.]

Jul 24, 2017 4:54pm PDT

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