Rolling Stone Wants To Know — Why Can’t Justin Trudeau Be Our President??

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We need someone like Justin Trudeau more than ever…

The Canadian Prime Minister covers Rolling Stone‘s August issue where the magazine poses the question on everyone’s mind: “Why can’t he be our President?”

(Besides the obvious answer of Trudeau being born in Canada and all.)

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In their profile, the publication highlights his many accomplishments including cutting taxes on the middle class, having a diverse Cabinet, and his country’s dropping unemployment rate.

It’s easy to see the vast differences between Trudeau and Donald Trump. Writer Stephen Rodrick emphasizes:

“Trump is defunding Planned Parenthood. Trudeau is firmly pro-choice; abortions are provided as part of Canada’s universal health care… Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is trying to roll back America’s weed laws to Reefer Madness days. Over the border, Trudeau, who admits he smoked pot after being elected to Parliament, campaigned on legalizing it across Canada. Trump ditched the Paris environmental accord. Trudeau is urging American cities and states to work with their northern neighbors to cut emissions. The opioid crisis that Trudeau spoke of in his press conference? His government is fast-tracking safe-usage areas to cut down on overdoses, while America’s opioid-related deaths have reached epidemic levels.”

In the interview, the 45-year-old speaks passionately about his country, and how he believes every single person — no matter their occupation — has “an extraordinary, powerful impact” wherever they are.

“A Canadian on the ground in different parts of the world, whether they’re a diplomat, an aid worker or a soldier, has an extraordinary, powerful impact… I mean, the image of Canada, the way people look at you as ‘Oh, you’re Canadian’ ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ subtext ‘not American’ ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ but you’re here to help, you’re not here for oil, you’re not here to tell us how to run our country.”‘

While it would be easy to attack Trump for his destructive policies/tweets, Trudeau resists the urge. Instead, he wants to foster their “constructive relationship” to further Canada’s interests and needs.

“Obviously, I disagree [with Trump] on a whole bunch, but Canadians expect me to accomplish two things at the same time, which is emphasize where we disagree and stand up firmly for Canadian interests… But we also have a constructive working relationship, and me going out of my way to insult the guy or overreact or jump at everything he says [that] we might disagree with is not having a constructive relationship.”

As Rodrick writes, “Justin Trudeau is trying to Make Canada Great Again,” he may — in the process — be making the world great again as well.

[Image via Martin Schoeller/Rolling Stone.]

Jul 26, 2017 5:56pm PDT

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