Game Of Thrones Kills Off MORE Fan Favorites In This Week’s Death-Filled Episode — Get The Recap HERE!

game of thrones season seven episode three recap

[This post is dark and FULL OF SPOILERS!!]

Cersei Lannister may’ve gotten her revenge, but Olenna Tyrell got the last laugh.

While this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, titled The Queen’s Justice, might not have had an epic fight scene, there was plenty of blood shed. It’s like the GoT creators are on a mission to kill off all of our favorite characters… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Sunday night’s showing of the HBO drama picked up right where we left off with Jon Snow Dragonstone bound, Sansa Stark ruling Winterfell, Cersei sending Euron Greyjoy’s armada to eliminate her enemies, etc. So, obviously, there was a lot to follow up with during The Queen’s Justice. Let’s not waste anymore time and jump right in…

A Deathly Kiss

game of thrones season seven episode three recap

As promised, Euron returned to King’s Landing with an epic gift for his (potential) fianc├â┬⌐e, Queen Cersei. The gift in question was the woman responsible for her daughter Myrcella’s death, the one and only Ellaria Sand. Greyjoy presented the villainous queen with his captives, which also included Ellaria’s daughter Tyene Sand and his rebellious niece Yara Greyjoy. The queen was grateful AF for her present, but was still not willing to commit to getting engaged to Greyjoy — that probably has something to do with the fact that she’s still screwing her brother.

Nonetheless, Cersei promised Euron that he’ll have everything his heart desires once the war is won. She then spent a little one on one time with the Sands where she avenged her daughter’s death by killing Tyene with the same poison used on the late princess. However, being monster she is, Cersei informed Ellaria that the poison is meant to bring about a slow death — meaning Ellaria will watch as her daughter rots away. Savage.

Samwell Tarly Graduates Med School

game of thrones season seven episode three recap

After curing Ser Jorah Mormont’s deadly greyscale infection, Samwell Tarly and the fallen knight try and pretend that the Daenerys Targaryen lackey magically got cured over night. While Sam’s boss was clearly annoyed he disobeyed orders to let Jorah die in peace, the Archmaester tells Mormont to be on his way to be reunited with the Mother of Dragons. Oh, and the Archmaester only slightly reprimanded Harry Potter, excuse us, Mr. Tarly.

A Stark Reunion

game of thrones season seven episode three recap

Sansa Stark was actually killing it as Lady of Winterfell when her brother Bran Stark returned home. As many believed that the physically handicapped Stark was dead, Sansa was overcome with emotion at the sight of her brother. During a candid chat by the Godswoods, Sansa admitted it’s Bran’s birthright to run Winterfell as he is Ned Stark’s last living full blooded son. Bran then informed his sis that he has ZERO interested in running the northern castle as he’s too busy being the three eyed raven — a concept both the audience and Sansa haven’t really figured out.

In order to prove that he’s changed and become a psychic (or whatever), Bran revealed to Sansa that he saw what happened to her on her wedding night to Ramsay Bolton. This made Sansa, rightfully, uncomfortable and she bounced from the convo to go run Winterfell some more.

Fire And Ice Come Together

game of thrones season seven episode three recap

The meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow was surprisingly underwhelming as the two monarchs spent most of their initial convo bickering over titles. Pretty much, Jon refused to “bend the knee” as his people elected him to be King in the North and Daenerys wasn’t okay with that. Not to mention, Daenerys was too busy focusing on her war with Cersei to believe Jon when he revealed that a White Walker army was heading for Westeros. Although, tbh, all we wanted was for Daenerys and Jon to figure out they’re related — but they’re gonna need Bran for that revelation.

Anywho, upon learning that the Sands and the young Greyjoys were demolished at the battle of the Narrow Sea, the Mother of Dragons decided to make a gesture of goodwill towards the Northern King as she gave him and his men permission to mine Dragonstone for the White Walker killing dragonglass. See we CAN all get along!

The Queen Of Thorns No More

game of thrones season seven episode three recap

Despite all their planning, Daenerys’ small council hasn’t been having the best of luck when it comes to battles. While the Unsullied’s invasion of Casterly Rock was supposed to be an easy win, it was almost too easy as Jamie Lannister pulled most of the Lannister forces from the fort and sent them on a bloody mission to Highgarden. The Lannister army destroyed the Tyrell footmen and the elderly matriarch was left alone in her huge castle.

Jamie and Olenna pow wowed for a bit before the one handed soldier shared that death was her destiny. Like the badass she is (well, was) the Queen of Thorns accepted her fate, but not before dropping some truth bombs. For starters, she called Jamie out for having a fucked up sexual relationship with his twin. After calling Cersei a “monster,” Olenna swallowed the poison provided by Jamie and also revealed that SHE was the one who poisoned Joffrey at the Purple Wedding. Snap! Snap!

This tidbit left Jamie visibly shaken as he stormed out of the room. We have a feeling he’s heading Cersei’s way as the Queen spent a lot of time and energy convincing people that their brother Tyrion and Sansa Stark were responsible for the late king’s passing. Dramaaaaa!

Like we said, a LOT happened.

Be sure to let us know YOUR favorite moment from the episode (below)! You know you have one…

Jul 31, 2017 9:15am PDT

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