This Youngster With Down Syndrome Inspires Millions As He Fearlessly Belts Along To Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing! Watch!

down syndrome kid inspires millions

Whitney Houston is still touching souls even from beyond the grave.

Most recently, the late singer’s ’93 hit I Have Nothing was heard by 19 million+ people thanks to one young fan. Specifically, a nine-year-old with Down syndrome, named Dane Miller, has captured the attention of the internet after he was filmed belting out to Houston’s chart topper.

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On Dane’s love of music, his aunt Jeanne Miller told ABC News:

“He is just very vibrant. He’s very high-functioning so if he hears music, it’s just something that sticks with him. He’s very proud [of the video]…He just smiles and giggles.”

Awwww. However, it seems Miller fell in love with Whitney’s music after he watched a documentary about Bobbi Kristina‘s mom. Dane’s mother, Dana Miller, explained to CBS DWF:

“So, he started downloading her songs and that was the one he got stuck on.”

Same, dude. Same. As for other artists Dane loves, it’s said the youngster enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This kid’s got serious taste!

Miz Miller continued:

“When we had Dane, we didn’t know that he had Down syndrome, but it wouldn’t have mattered. He has been probably the biggest blessing of our lives. He is just so loving and joyful. He is what’s good about this world.”

You can say that again. Be sure to watch Dane’s viral video for yourself (below).

[Image via Facebook.]

Jul 31, 2017 3:58pm PST

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