Democrat Governor Switches Sides And Becomes A Republican For Trump! WTF, WV??

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We perfectly understand and welcome all Republicans who want to jump ship because of Donald Trump.

There may be many irreconcilable differences in our ideologies, but there are basic tenets of civics and civility under fire by this administration, things that should not be considered a political issue.

But someone going THE OTHER WAY??! This is just unthinkable!

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Jim Justice, a coal and real estate magnate who was just elected governor of West Virginia last year — as a Democrat — is announcing Thursday night at Trump’s rally that he is switching parties!

Except, is he really?? Before he ran as a Democrat, Justice was a registered Republican until 2015. So was he a plant the entire time? Or is he just someone who goes wherever the wind is blowing??

See the annoyed but not so shocked reactions on Twitter (below):

[Image via WOWK/CBS.]

Aug 3, 2017 7:09pm PDT

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