Woman Sues Usher For Not Disclosing Alleged Herpes Diagnosis Before Sexual Encounter — See What She Had To Say HERE!

lisa bloom files lawsuit against usher herpes

Lisa Bloom has moved on to her next celebrity scandal.

As we previously reported, the famed attorney is representing three people who claim Usher exposed them to herpes without warning them about his diagnosis first. While we knew Miz Bloom was filing a lawsuit against the Yeah! singer today (August 7), the legal expert came out swinging as she held a press conference with one of the complainants, named Quantasia Sharpton.

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According to Sharpton, the hitmaker saw her in the crowd at one of his concerts, sent his security team to get her phone number, and then later met up at her hotel to have sex. Throughout this entire process, not once did Usher reveal that he (allegedly) has herpes. Now, Quantasia never actually contracted the STI from her liaison with the chart topper, but she’s suing because she feels violated.

As Bloom explained it, Usher has yet to weigh in on the media reports surrounding his diagnosis. This silence is irresponsible as it leaves his past partners vulnerable to passing the STI to others. Lisa also revealed that one of her three clients has tested positive for the herpes virus. Although, we should probably mention, Usher’s health status has not been confirmed by his team.

Oh, and Bloom may be filing additional lawsuits as several others have since come forward as potential victims. Per Lisa, her end goal for this case is to force Usher to reveal his diagnosis to any sexual partners he may have in the future. Again, that’s if Usher actually has herpes.

But hey, where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

Be sure to watch the entire press conference for yourself (below)!

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Aug 7, 2017 11:07am PDT

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